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Why are events always medium-done in Poland?

I went to the Chopin open-air concert in the Lazienki Park this morning, and very pleasant it was, too. But, the thing is, that it all seemed a little half-hearted and with half effort, to me.

I mean, why is the weekly concert held in a park that is out of the city centre? It attracts a few thousand people to it every Sunday, so I would expect it to be in the heart of the city – in the Stary Miasto. Wouldn’t it be nice, to have Chopin classical music in the Old Town Square on a Sunday morning and afternoon, rather than have to search it out in some out-of-the way park? I feel sure many tourists don’t bother to trek out there to find it.

And, there’s nothing in that park. There are no restaurants or bars, as there are in the Old Town. So, it would make good sense to have the concerts where you can buy lunch. I’m sure the businesses in the Old Town would love a couple of thousand people there.

As for the concert itself, well there is no shelter in the park provided for the audience, whether it should be storm, rain or hot sunshine. Why not?

And, why are there silly little speakers dotted around the pond, instead of a decent sound system hidden in the trees?

And, why are there no perspex screens to shield the delicate notes of the piano from the roar of passing traffic, buses and motorbikes?

You see what I mean? These concerts are promoted in the tourist guides; they are held twice on every Sunday; thousands attend… and it is all medium-done.

Is somebody ashamed that Chopin moved to France?