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As an events consultant, I know a bit about brand identity.

So, it surprises me that anybody should actively try to hide the identity of a globally recognised brand.

I am talking about the iconic red, white and blue flag of the United Kingdom.

This is possibly the most recognisable and iconic flag on the planet. It has become a fashion statement all by itself. Yet, when Stella McCartney (fashion designer and daughter of Sir Paul McCartney) was commissioned to design the Team GB costumes for the Olympics, she chose to distance the design. What is worse, is that her designs were accepted.


Then, two strange things happened. Firstly, Team GB wore gold and white ‘Elvis’ tracksuits at the Opening Ceremony. There was a public outcry at the flashy design. The next day, Stella McCartney was forced to explain that she did not design THOSE costumes. How crazy that was, to have her design SOME of the costumes, but not ALL the costumes! Hmm… something isn’t right, is it?

The second strange thing, was to see her Beatles father in the audience at the Olympics, proudly waving the iconic and globally recognisable red, white and blue flag of Great Britain. And, Stella McCartney was by his side! Oops! To me, that was a statement that said she had failed a nation.


I suppose this whole thing happened because the GB flag is only a fashion icon abroad. The British people do not wear the nation’s flag on their tee shirts and bags. I, for one, have never worn a piece of clothing with our flag on it. To us, it is just a flag. That must be why Stella McCartney thought it would not matter to change its stripes.

Shame on her.