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Events are not seasonal. By that, I mean they happen all year.

Although, it is true that there are seasons for events – weddings happen in summertime, for example. Festivals and outdoor events are summer events, too. Corporate ‘start-of-year’ conferences happen in January, for obvious reasons. Christmas parties occur in December, strangely enough.

There are no corporate events in August, because many workers are on holiday and could not attend an event. Anyway, those left behind in the office need to cover their absent colleagues.

So, don’t think that being an events organiser is a seasonal job. Even though I never organise weddings, I do not have summer off. Many of the events I manage have a three month or six month planning calendar, called the ‘lead-in’.

In London, the Christmas parties begin from December 1st, but I have been planning them since September, or even as early as August.

So, just because the city is quiet and there are no launches, fashion shows, parties, concerts and festivals, do not think the event organisers have nothing to do, will you? We are busy planning the events that you’ll read about when you come back to work in September!

Have a nice break…