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One of the most striking venues in Warsaw is STILL the rooftop gardens at the University Library.

I cannot understand why this unique garden is not one of the most popular spaces to host events.

Imagine being there in the early evening to hear a classical concert, a string quartet or a harpist, hosted by a champagne company or a white wine producer.

Or, it would be delightful to attend an open-air opera on a Monday evening, overlooking the river.

In London, we have the Kensington Roof Gardens, which are a delightful place of peace in the big city, just over the road from the palace where Princess Diana used to live. The Roof Gardens are one of the most successful venues for events. They have waterfalls and flamingoes… but it is not as unusual and striking as Warsaw’s University Library.

On this note, I would like to see each roof of the four corners of the Palace of Culture made into glassed-in gardens that fit the four seasons – a winter garden, summer garden, spring garden and autumn garden. What fun it would be to host events atop the centre of the city. And, it would make money, too.

These rooftop spaces are there already. All it takes is a little imagination and they would be imaginative, creative event spaces for fashion shows, receptions, cocktail parties and hosting VIP visitors to Poland, don’t you agree?