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It was pointed out to me that in yesterday’s blog post (Do you want to be an Event Manager?) I didn’t mention studying courses in event management.

That is because going to university to study a course in event management is NOT the best way to get into the events industry.

The issue is that event management as a career choice is young; it is a ‘modern’ career. That is why universities have only recently added event management to their prospectus. It may change over time, but at this moment, the best way to get into the events industry is still by going out and getting experience of events. You cannot do that if you are in university, can you?

Next month, I begin a series of lectures at Collegium Civitas in the theory and psychology of events. But, my lectures are not intended to teach people how to be an event manager. I will be demonstrating the importance of events in today’s economic environment and how to apply good event management within the framework of marketing and public relations in the corporate and political arenas. I will also emphasise the need for safety and insurance at all events.

I hope that my lectures will attract some students to seek a career in event management. If that should happen, I will advise them not to spend three or four years at university to learn the business. Those years of study would be far better spent inside the business of events.