In recent months, I have been surprised how event companies, event venues and even some event clients do not seem concerned about their reputation.

If there is a problem with anything, or somebody is dissatisfied about something, the professional way of managing it would be to meet and find a solution so that everybody leaves feeling happy.

So, why is it that a lot of people now seem to be finding excuses, or not bothering to meet and discuss the situation, or are hiding behind their denial? This only damages their reputation because it leaves everybody with a “nasty taste in the mouth” and they won’t ever want to use that venue again, or employ that event company again, or work with that event client again.

As I have written in my next book Happy Event 2 (due out in 2014), reputation is the regulation for unregulated industries, such as event management. That is why I always meet people when a situation is difficult. I find a solution and then we all leave feeling better with each-other. I am so disappointed other people do not do this, but would rather turn away and leave everything sour.

There should be nothing more valuable than protecting our reputation, because that is what makes people work together. We don’t want to work with people we don’t like, do we?

So, this Christmas, spare a few moments to think about your reputation. Face difficult situations with an open mind. Meet people to find solutions. That way, you can turn difficult situations into opportunities for ongoing and repeat business. Trust me, it works!

Happy Christmas,