With venue management and event management, the golden rule is CONTRACT.

Everything and everybody must be contracted. Even the things that are free must be contracted so that each person knows their responsibilities; the timings; the address… The supplier must know what time to deliver the goods, and to where, and to whom, and how many to provide. And, he must feel obligated to deliver them!

If it is the hiring of a venue, or the supply of drinks, or the amount of chairs and tables, or even the waiters and bar staff… do it with a contract!

You wouldn’t begin a job without a contract, would you? So, why run a venue or organise an event without contracts?

And, if you are employing somebody to do something, it is not fair – nor professional – to expect them to do it without a contract.

Contracts are designed to protect both sides. They should be equal and fair. They are for what happens when things go wrong. The thing is – without a contract things will go wrong.

So, on Planet Earth: no contract means no job.