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The National Stadium of Poland, which is in Warsaw, is failing. Its profile is non-existent and we could be forgiven for forgetting that the venue is there. It looks closed and forgotten. It simply is not on the events circuit. And, it is far from being on the international events circuit.

When I met with the sales manager and the director of meetings, conferences and events, I asked what was their core market. I expected them to say events were their core market. Or, they could have told me it was domestic and international event agents and organisers. Instead, they answered by saying ‘sales’.

Wrong answer. Very wrong answer.

If the people managing a venue – especially a country’s national stadium – think that their core market is ‘sales’, it tells me that they are only interested in selling space. So, this expensive venue with all its high-tech facilities, might just as well be an empty warehouse, open field or derelict building. It tells me that they are not interested in hosting high profile events, creative events, quality events, or any events at all. All they want is to sell space and report the sales figures to the government body.

At Poland’s National Stadium, they do not even know HOW to organise good events or how to win business from international event organisers. Even local event organisers aren’t bothering to go there. The people running the stadium are frightened of events and would prefer to be sales people, rather than event professionals.

The problem is that such a large venue cannot sustain small conferences, pathetic little public events and other bits and pieces. It costs too much to run, to keep it going with such low profile, low earning events.

So, the National Stadium of Poland has to fail. It is, already.