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When will they learn? Look at the pictures in the papers of the Evening Standard Theatre Awards at the London Palladium on Sunday and there is no branding. There is just a green hedge. Could be anywhere.

All these pictures of all these celebrities circulating across the globe, and nowhere does it tell us where they are and what they are there for.

This is a huge mistake and such wasted publicity for the Evening Standard. And, if it was sponsored or was in support of charity (we don’t know, because there is no branding to tell us), then the Evening Standard failed in promoting the sponsor or the charity.

It is a basic rule of event management and one which all event organisers should learn early in their career: photo opportunities need branded backdrops. It isn’t difficult to understand, is it? Yet, this is the 60th Evening Standard Awards and they got it badly wrong. Sack the organiser and call me in, next time!

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