A friend of mine is complaining that all his staff are complaining. The thing is, ‘all’ his staff amount to just five! So, I asked him what they are complaining about. Oddly, he didn’t really know.

This raises some interesting points. Firstly, an employer must listen to his staff. They are not just ‘workers’ – they are people. And they are his people. And he wants them to do a good job and be honest and truthful. So, his staff need to be happy. They should want to work for him.

I advised him to listen to his staff. Hear what they are unhappy about and help them through it. You cannot simply ignore people’s complaints – especially if they are ‘your’ people. It is called Leadership.

Another thing is that staff must be allowed to complain. You should not stop them from doing so, and you must not punish them for complaining. It is dialogue; conversation. Look at it another way and it can be seen that it isn’t about complaining, but a cry for help – and here’s that word again… they are looking for Leadership.